Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How do you start a blog?

This morning at work I was browsing the internet and finally stumbled on the blog of James Rardon, our scoreboard operator at the Dilla Villa, and the man that has been my mentor and friend at the ballpark's humble press box. About an hour after checking out some of his posts it dawned on me: Hey you can do this too you idiot. I might still be figuring out Twitter, but damn it I can write!

Thus begun the morning I decided to create a blog. If my dad had been sitting next to me, I would've looked over at him, shrugged my shoulders and said "How hard could it be?" Truth be told, it was fairly simple. I just made the situation more difficult than it really was.

The extravaganza began with having to come up with a name for my blog. Allow me to clarify: a name for my blog that hasn't been taken by the 481,562,342 people that came up with this idea before me. Obviously "adam" was taken. Same for "adamcox," whose blog-owner has made a grand total of ONE post in the several years he's had that name. Jerk. Fifteen minutes later and dozens of Adam/LOST-related attempts at coming up with a blog name, I came to "Room 233". The name is a play both on an episode of LOST, and a reference to my apartment number. In LOST, Room 23 is the room The Others used to brainwash people into their society, and 233 is my apartment number. Please don't stalk me.

So voila, I had a name. All I had to do to create my blog was type in that little security word to let the good people at Blogger know that I'm not a robot, hell-bent on world destruction (the jury's still out whether I'm a human hell-bent on world destruction, but that's another entry). I'm sure you're all familiar with these words, the ones that are hardly words at all, and feature letters so mangled that they look like Egyptian hieroglyphics mixed in with the Prince symbol.

First try: fail

Second try: fail

When I got to the third try, I was genuinely concerned that the internets would think I was the aforementioned robot, so the pressure was on. Fortunately I was able to type in some word that the National Spelling Bee kids would be proud to spell, and tada: I had a blog.

"Yahoo! I'm rich!" I thought. Crap, now I have to figure out something to write about. Any good ideas had been replaced with the frustration and near-disaster that was the creation of the blog itself. And there you have the content for this first post. I don't know how frequently I'll post. Maybe a couple times a day, maybe a couple times a week, maybe a couple times a month, or maybe a couple times period. I don't want to set any kind of standards for myself where I feel like I have to ever post. So if I go a while without posting, forgive me. With that said, welcome to the thunderdome, bitch! I mean Room 233. Welcome to Room 233. Sir.

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  1. i am very proud of your new blog. i especially like that you didn't start with the ever popular "so i start a new adventure...blah, blah, blah" that would not be you. welcome to blogging. blog when you want, i will check it whenever i think about it. i haven't posted anything to mine in a while either. oh well, that's what happens.