Thursday, August 6, 2009

My own little fantasy

My calendar year can basically be broken into three sections: LOST season (January - May), summer season (June - August), and football season (September - December). Fortunately, we're beginning to make the transition into football season this year.

Between being a radio broadcaster, fantasy football owner, and Cowboys fan, I'm priveleged to have football consume my entire life during the fall. I love the work I get to do with broadcasting area high school games, as well as working with Nick Long on our scoreboard show Friday nights. Saturday and during the week I get to have a small role in the WT football broadcasts, along with getting to watch all the college games on my new 42-inch TV.

And then there is Sunday. Oh sweet Sunday. Sundays used to be devoted to Cowboys football, and nothing else. Cowboys games are still the main event on Sunday for me, but last year I was introduced to something that would change my life forever. In my lifelong trend to jump on things five years after they become wildly popular, I became the owner of a fantasy football team. The 815ers were born, and the first season was a my team racked up the best record and the most points in our 12-team league. They may have fizzled out in the playoffs, but I don't really remember that day much.

The thing is, this is the most addictive thing I've ever done. A game between Arizona and Seattle used to mean nothing to me, until I had Larry Fitzgerald on my team. A Giants/Redskins game used to mean divisional implications for the Cowboys, but last year it was hoping that Eli Manning and Santana Moss would rack up as many points as possible.

We would use the week leading up to our games to trash talk our weekly opponent. If it was a close friend, every piece of dirty laundry imaginable was aired on the message board. Eric literally got drunk and started a fight with another team owner. This is fantasy football. The draft is one month from today.

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